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Measuring Training Output

This comes after reading an article by CT.

I don’t know the answer to this or how to even lay out the problem to get the answer. Maybe someone here does.

A man goes into the gym and does an overhead press with his 10 RM weight of 150 lbs.

He lifts 150 lbs for 10 reps in 40 seconds.

Total weight lifted = 1500 lbs

Divide 1500 lbs by 40 seconds = 37.5 pounds lifted PER SECOND

Next time he lifts 150 lbs but tries to get as many reps as possible in 60 seconds (Rounds Training). Let’s say he gets 12.

Total weight lifted = 1800 lbs

Divide 1800 lbs by 60 seconds = 30 pounds lifted PER SECOND

Now, based on the math, he has not worked as hard. But in reality, if you do your 10 RM then hold the bar up and try to get two more . . . you will be blasted. Even if you space out the work over the 60 seconds . . . say you do 4 reps, rest, 4 reps, rest and then 4 more . . . you’ll still be more tired than if you just did the 10 RM.

So obviously using POUNDS LIFTED PER SECOND is not a good way to express your WORK OUTPUT.

Can someone recommend a better way to express the work performed?

Thank you

Not sure what you are trying to get at or even why, but technically more “work” is down but “power” is less since power=work/time

why does this matter?

this is sounding like the guy on the nutrition board wondering how much spinach is in one cup.