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Measuring Test on 29ga U-100 .5cc 1/2in Syringe


Hey guys, I apologize if this has been asked before already but I've been looking around on this site for the answer to this question for a good while now and have yet to come across it.

I've read the test. injection sticky and have decided to switch myself from every 2 week injections of Test Cyp to EOD and see how I feel (and more importantly, if my acne finally goes away). The syringes were like $10 so I went ahead and ordered them because they're so cheap, but I saw that they're measured in insulin units? How does this translate to measuring out my Test-Cyp (i.e. in mL)

My bi-weekly dosage is 250 mg of Test Cyp, so I know this translates to about 0.18 ml (not that I could measure it to that accuracy).



Syringes: 50iu = 0.5ml, 100iu = 1.0 ml
0.5 ml syringes will inject faster than 1.0 ml

250 mg/week * 1lm/200mg * 1 week/3.5 EOD's = .357 ml / EOD


Thanks for the syringe information! I take 250mg (1.25mL) every two weeks so I think you have my EOD dosage a little high. I calculated it to be about 0.18 mL - I intend to utilize software calendar reminders as opposed to set days (since the week is odd numbered).

I am curious though, in your opinion when would it be a good idea to begin EOD dosing? It seems like if I wait until the END of my 2 weeks, when my body is used to receiving 250 mg, there will be a week or so "downtime" adjusting.