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Measuring Tape Sticks to My Skin When Sweaty

So I’m doing a dreamers bulk while doing more power lifts OHD press presses deadlifts etc.

I have put on some fat but idc ain’t like it matters at a time like this.

I usually have sub 9% BF in good conditioning. Now I’m at like 15% and my arms have that fluff to it. I have just been trying to gain around no matter if I look like Lee Presit in the offseason.

The issue now is if I’m sweaty I can’t measure as the tape sticks to my skin and the sweat sticks on the tape after. I’m wondering what methods can I do to make the measuring tape slippery or at least not stick on my skin when I finish training.

Nothing like a good pump and measuring after to feel like you are that big. Thanks all be safe and stay blessed.

Wow… you must be bored and have allot of time on your hands.


I like to use Vaseline. Lather up everywhere really good, hit the posing mirror to make sure I’m at prime pump, then measure. Helps keep the tape measure good and lubed too


Is this a real question?


The easy solution is to stop measuring yourself, you nutbar.



Thanks for being serious.

And yes to the same guy asking about my height in my other thread bulldog I do. I highly bet you’re in the same boat as me.

But thank you wanna_be, I tried using baby oil but it sticks as well. I’ll try Vaseline. :facepunch:

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No problem bro :facepunch:t2:

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That was magical. Props.