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Measuring Strength Increases from AMRAP Sets


I am currently using the Juggernaut 2.0 program which does not really test 1 rep maxes as such. The last set of each session is an AMRAP set for each of the big four exercises. So for example you might have numbers like:-

60KG X 20 Reps.
65KG X 17 Reps.
70KG X 14 Reps.
74KG X 8 Reps.
79KG X 5 Reps.

At the moment I have been plugging these numbers into an estimated 1 rep max formula to have some kind of end figure to measure and analyse strength performance and gain.

I am wondering if this is the most effective metric to use to analyse AMRAP sets given the weight changes from session to session. So, you can’t just measure session1 80KG X 10 reps and session2 80KG X 12 reps and know for sure you are getting stronger.


Weight X reps X .0333+ weight=projected max.

It isn’t spot on but it’s pretty close and a good way to determine if what you did in today’s session is better than a month ago etc.

150x10=200 projected max

170x8=215 projected max

Again it’s not perfect but it’s a good way to gauge progress on various weights, Rep ranges etc.

Or, you could just do a 1rm at some point down the line.

Just be cautious with measures like this. Juggernaut is a 16 week program because sometimes it is difficult to see week to week progress from weight on the bar from a single set.

Thanks for the comments. That’s the formula I had been using.

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