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Measuring Protein Cooked or Raw?


Hey coach,
i been reading this website for awhile now and i have just started your Get Jacked Fast program following the V-Diet which gave pretty ridiculous results. I have done your programs before and i am very excited to start this one.

I have one question tho, with the protein measurements you have, do i weigh them cooked or raw?



The protein is to be weighed RAW!


I always measure it cooked


[quote]Jelena Abbou wrote:
I always measure it cooked[/quote]

Agreed. When you measure it raw, you still have to take into consideration the water content, but when you cook it, most of the water is gone, so the protein is more concentrated and therefore you’ll get a more accurate measurement.


Yes, I personaly like weighing foods cooked as well, BUT to answer bruinsfootball’s question. Following the Get Jacked Fast program. The portions are to be weighed RAW! It has been asked several times. Here is another helpful tip from Thibs as well.

"Weigh the bulk meat raw… then weigh the bulk meat cooked. The difference will tell you how much to take off.

For example if raw it weighs 1.5kg and cooked it’s 1.3kg then the difference is 0.2kg or around 13%.

If the portion to take is 150g raw then the equivalent cooked would be 150 x 13% = 130g"