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Measuring ML to MG

I’m beginning my PCT today but couldnt find a proper MG measuring tool, the oral syringe I got only measures in ML or TSP.
My question is, How do I measure out 40mg of Tomoxifen Citrate (nolvadex) using ML? thanks.

if you’re using a liquid nolva…just look at its dosage. for example, if it’s dosed at 20 mg/ml…take 2 ml/day with you’re oral syringe.

What is the concentration of the Nolva? Mine is 20mg/ml. So if you were using the same stuf I have, you would pull 2cc of Nolva to get 40mg.

Divide your concentration into the amount you need - that’s how many ml’s you use.

Thanks, now that you point it out, if i had read the bottle I could have saved ya’ll a dumb question. Thanks tho.