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Measuring Flax, which way is right?

just have a quick question here. i had always thought that flax was pure fat - so 15g of flax would be 15g of fat. apparently 15ml is 14g of fat so i would think that would be 14g of flax. when i measure out flax it is a lot easier for me to put a cup on my digital food scale, tare it, and then pour it in until the scale reads 14g if i wanted 14g of fat. then i can just add water to the cup and not have to worry about poring it from one cup to another. the other day i put a shot glass sized measuring cup on the scale though, poured in 15ml of flax, but when the glass measured 15ml, the scale only showed it was 10g. so when i measure flax, should i go by ml or by grams? the bottle says 15ml is 14g of fat, but i would think grams would be more accurate on the scale assuming that Xg flax = Xg fat? what do you guys think?

You have to go by grams. When measuring by volume you have to factor in the density of the material measured.Water is the only substance where ml=grams.

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