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Measuring Clen Precisely


Okay here's the deal. I am going to be starting a cycle of clen stacked with some keto for beta-2 upregulation. i know all my dosages and proper diet and what not. My problem is that for dosages, i am using some slin pins that i have. I am obviously not going to be injecting clen subqutaniously, but i am using it to draw the correct amount.

I need dosages as small as .1mL to start my taper up, and i could not find oral seringes this precise. The pins are measured in units (5,10,15,20,25,30). If the concentration of my clen is 200mcg/mL x60mL, and i am starting at 20mcg the first day (.1mL), does that mean i need 10 units? Also, does anyone know WHERE i CAN get some precise oral seringes?



What I do is this: take a 3ml syringe barrel and draw the liquid clen out of the bottle (do not use the pump), then I attach a needle, usually 18G, to dose the clen accurately I gently press down on the plunger and measure out a few drops (the drops will be uniform).


Okay my only problem with that is that i start my cycle very soon and i dont have a source to order regular AAS syringes from. I can get slin pins easily so thats what i was opting for. I understand how you're doing it, but its not too easy to obtain needles in Pennsylvania. (They are illegal to purchase OTC)


Sorry to hear that, as it's the most pain free method for me. So to answer your original question, yes, if you want 0.1ml you must measure out 10ius. A standard insulin syringe is 1ml/100ius. Not sure about oral syringes, but it seems crazy not to be able to get them OTC, maybe someone in your state knows more about this.