Measuring bodyfat

Howdy, I have seen a weighing scale that is quite cheap (£50/$75) which also measures bodyfat %. I wondered if such a device would give accurate measurements or not. (I am assuming it works by electrical resistance or whatever its called)
Thanks for your help,

jimmy - electrical impedance monitors aren’t the most accurate things in the world. but that doesn’t really matter much. let the mirror tell you if you are where you want to be or not. the monitor is however a great tool or guage for measuring your progress quantitatively. don’t get hung up on the exact number it gives you just make sure there is a steady downward trend while at the same time you grow happier with what you see in the mirror. kevo

Depends on the model, if you do everything right… (body hydration, clean contacts…yada…yada …yada) then you can get results that are within 5% BF (3%BF I’m told for some models) of the DEXA xray method of determining BF.