Measuring Body Fat

where can i get a cheap tool that measures body fat percentage and not bmi. also would a gym carry one? i go to bally’s. that place sucks so i dont even bother asking them but now im getting desperate. i dont want to spend more than $50 for the equipment. i can use $50 for about 10lbs. of protein :slight_smile:

While it won’t directly measure body fat, a measuring tape does a good job of letting you determine your progress and it is very cheap.

Measure around the fattest part of your stomach and look for decreases.

Measure around your biceps, or other muscle, and look for increases.

first off, you made two cardinal sins there. First off is by going to Bally’s. you are talking about saving money, yet you work out at the piece of shit ‘gym’, where they have more office space to sell memberships than they do actual workout room.

Secondly was the mention of buying 5 lbs of shit protien for $50 when you should be buying Metabolic Drive or Classic Grow!. You seem new to the game.
Ditch the bucket of whey, start buying Biotest, especially if you are going to post here. you will also notice how Grow! (or Metabolic Drive) tastes WAY better and mixes WAY easier. No more sand missles launching in your eye when you try to drink your shake.

Lastly, Eliteballa3 found a great new trick for finding your body fat. Just hold up a shoe, take a picture with your shirt off and post in the physique and perforamce photos forum. It works wonders.

Or just buy the Fat Track 2 digital calipers. They were T-Jacked here and got pretty good reviews. I own them and it is an easy, repeatable way to measure your body fat. Not sure how much they sell for these days (i bought mine for like 29.99 I think). Even if they are $50, it is an investment well worth a tub of protein. You will have them forever, and more importantly they will guide your progress. I dont use them everyday, or even every week anymore, but when I first got them, they showed me what diets/lifting programs were working and how well.

Hope this helped. And Really. . .leave Bally’s. Nothing but horror stories and dude’s in spandex unisuits.

Accu-measure makes a good set of calipers. It only costs about $6.50. A chart comes with it so that you can cross reference age by the measurement in mm. FYI