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Measuring Body Fat?


My gym is pretty shitty and doesn't have a way to do this without hiring one of the trainers. Anyone know any other ways to get your body fat measured?


Look in a mirror. If you look fat or lack definition, your body fat is high, if you look like Frank Zane, its low. Seriously though, why do you want to know? You can get a set of calipers and test it yourself, but honestly even if you have a trainer do it it won’t be super accurate.

BF% is just a number, just like scale weight. If you look fat, lift hard and diet down. If you’re skinny fat (i.e. small and no muscle definition), lift hard and eat big. If you look jacked, awesome.

If you really need to measure your progress, measure your waist diameter, that’ll give you a decent indication of how you’re progressing.