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Measuring Body Fat

A long while ago, while one of Uncle Sams Misguided Children, I remember our 1stSgt measuring body fat by taking measurements around the waist, arm(?), and neck. How accurate is this method and how is it done if anyone knows or remembers? I read the “Skinny Fat” article last night and boy did it strike a nerve. I’ve already called around for membership prices to the local clubs (out-frikkin-rageous)so I think I’ll start with Academy’s 110# set and buy some extra plates instead. Also, I’ll be packing a full time job AND 14 hours this next semester so what percentage of my meals can be Advanced Protein or other MRP and when can/should I start guzzling Mag-10(!) and M. BTW I’m 37yo,190#,6’4". Thank you in advance for any and all advice.