Measuring BF% Using Calipers

I am going to start measuring bf% using skinfold calipers once a week. I have had problems with this before. For example I would take a skin fold of my abdominal and every single time it would read differently. Idk how much skin to pinch. Also should I take bf% in the morning on an empty stomach every time?

You should be as consistent as possible, however you choose to do it. Whether you’re right on the money each time or constantly 5% off you will be able to track your change in percent.

I would also recommend taking pics and circumference measurements to give you 2nd and 3rd point of reference to compare your percentages to.

Measuring bodyfat with Calipers can be wildly inaccurate based on how much you pinch and where you pinch. I stopped using calipers years ago and instead use a combination of Body Weight, Measurements, Pics, and how my clothes fit.