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Measuring 110mg Test in Syringe

Hey all, probably a dumb question but I was told to reduce my dose to 110mg, I inject EOD so that means I need to inject roughly at the 15.7 mark on a 1cc syringe. It’s very hard to be exact when filling because I have to measure between two line marks. My question is, if I’m not exact when measuring will this have any noticeable effect on my testosterone levels? I’m talking less than a mm difference if I’m off a little. Or should I just be safe and go to 105mg so that I have a line that I can use each time I fill a syringe. Thanks!

Nope. Close counts. Even if it’s not horsehoes or hand grenades.

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Alright thanks, was worried about me just being in test limbo since it takes ~4-6 weeks for test to stabilize at a certain dose. What does horseshoes or hand grenades mean? Haha never heard of that expression before.

Old guy expression, “Close only counts in Horseshoes and hand grenades”. My dad said it all the time.


Ah I gotcha! That’s a good expression.

Thanks guys, now I really feel old!