Well gang I got my body fat and tape measurments today and I’d like to get some feed back and maybe other measurments from you all to compare. Height 6’1", 178lbs and body fat 9.5%. chest 38 inches, bicep 13 inches, thigh 22 inches. All measurement in relaxed position.
I’m going to try to get my pic up once i get my digital camera.

Are you planning on adding lean body mass?

My measurments are the same as yours…my body fat is higher of course. ;o) ok, the bicep is the same when I flex.

What are your goals?

I have no goals really I just go with the flow. kidding…
Six months ago I was at 160lbs and 5%bf.I’d like to get to 190lbs with less than 15% body fat. All my gains so far have been with no supps but im kind of plateuing now so i’m going to start seeing what’s best for lean body mass increase. I’ve been told to start cycling with creatine. Any advice with supps would be nice.

I was reading up on the t-dawg diet. any suggestions?

Hi, T-Quinn. Have you read the article on Massive Eating by John Berardi? That would be the better choice. T-Dawg is for cutting.

You said that you’ve plateaued. Are you keeping a food log? If so, how much protein, carbs and fat (in grams) are you getting per day? How many meals? And finally, what program (i.e., resistence training) are you following and how long have you been following it?

Tampa,Im keeping a food log, eating 3400kcal,fat 115,carb 379, pro 177, during the last month, at least 4 meals a day but i try for 5-6 a day, but school kind of limits my eating time. Training a 5x5, mon chest back, wed legs, fri shoulders arms hardly any cardio. I want to stay on this for the rest of month and start next month with a new program and diet. I’ll check out the massive diet.

T-Quinn, I’d like to see you pick up your protein intake a bit. You’re taking in 177g, but you should be taking in 1.5g times LBM or 240g of protein per day.

Fat is a bit high, though I don’t object to it if you’re not gaining weight. Good/clean sources of fat, right? Normally, I’d recommend .5g times LBM or 80g per day.

As far as carbs go, I’d like to see you lean towards no/low-fiber, starchy-carb sources. But the trick is in the time. Be sure to take in SERIOUS carbs in the 2-3 hours PWO, literally all the carbs you can stuff down your face, whatever that number might be. Also, you are taking Surge, aren’t you?

Additionally, be sure to take in a serious protein shake with flaxseed oil in the middle of the night when you hit the restroom. All you have to do is drink 2 glasses of water before you go to bed, and you’ll wake up for sure.

As far as a workout goes, look at some of Chad Waterbury’s programs (ABBH) or Hypertrophy Specific Training. Either would be highly complementary to your goals.

Listen to TT, she’s the bomb.
I say eat some food and check out Massive eating. Its good.
play around with your training programs. Good ones are RRD by Joel Marrion and OVT by CT. Quite different but like em!

I’ll knock up the protein intake as much as I can. I’m going to order some surge later this week for supplements and get my flax oil.
What I’m understanding is to take surge twice a day, at PWO and at night to help gains. I was told to avoid fat around stomach I would need to do about 20 minutes at around 60-70% on sat and sun.

T-Quinn, just quickly, Surge should only be taken immediately after you lift weights, for purposes of recovery. It’s not a weight gainer. Read Solving the Workout Puzzle I and II by John Berardi.

Good luck to you, and let us know how it goes!!!