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Hello to all,

I wanted to find some specific methods of measuring limb lengths, torso, arm girth, etc.
Either a good reference or experience would be much appreciated!
Thanks and have a nice one,


If no one comes up with anything I will not take it personally!

After going through all the search results on this topic, not much light has been shed on this subject!

Coach Staley wrote an article discussing limb length and it's relationship to strength and hypertrophy gains, however, he neglected to give us specific means of measuring those limbs!

I believe Chris T. has written some stuff about this aswell, but, once more the author has not given a means to an end.

Is this some kind of top secret weapon that coaches keep in there little black box of tricks for there paying athletes???





I measure everything at the widest point. I also measure them on every 4th Sunday because it's the second rest of 2 back to back rest days, and I'm not measuring a pump which will change degrees and bodyparts altered as I shift routines.
Here's where I measure.

Neck--> Top of traps to between collar bone like when buying a shirt

Shoulders--> widest point of shoulders around back and front with tape parallel to the floor.

Chest--> under the armpits around the back, and across the chest, tape parallel to the floor

Abs--> at the widest point of my obliques, tape parallel to the floor.

The above are hard to contract so I do them relaxed. The one's below I do fully contracted.

Arms--> Fully flexed around the peak of my bicep to the widest point of my tricep.

Forearms--> about 1 1/2 inches from my elbow is the widest point, so I measure there.

Glutes--> Just above pubic line around to the glutes at the widest point. The tape should be roughly parallel with the ground.

Quads--> at the point where your glutes meet your hams, around the quad, tape parallel to the floor. Fully flexed quads.

Calves--> Find the widest point. It's roughly 2 inches from the bottom of my calves.

Penis--> from the base to the tip for length and around the widest portion for girth : ) Must be fully contracted! Maybe something's changed since highschool hehehe.

Hope this helped.


Thank you very much for that response!

All was helpful, except for that last measurement!

Have you any reference that I could check to measure the length of my limbs? Ex. from what point on my shoulder to what point on my hand/wrist should I use to measure arm length? Leg, torso, etc.

Thank you in advance,



I'd think the last measurement would be most useful. I mean a girl might ask you to flex your biceps, but will ask you for numbers when wanting to know your penial length! hehe. I keep a picture of mine next to a ruler in my wallet for when I don't have the time to show them first hand. : )

Ok, seriously though, unfortunately I don't have any references for limb length measurements. Perhaps a medical or military website may have something of this nature. Only thing I can think of is to search PubMed or Google.

Hope that helps.