I posted this in the photo section under my photo to get some feedback on my measurements, but I didn’t get a reply. My measurements are:

Waist-31 2/8
Chest-43(relaxed), 43 6/8(flexed)
Arms-15 3/8
Calves-14 3/8

From my measurements it looks like I have an imbalance with my chest/back measurement. My calves have always been a weakpoint and I will be working on that in the future. I’m doing EDT arms right now, so maybe I can bring my arms up a little. Also if anyone knows, where is the correct place to measure your legs? Any feedback would be appreciated or maybe someone can even point me to a article on measurements.

Your chest/back is fine in comparison to your waist. Definitely NOT a weakness. Your upper legs are good but your calves need work. The arms could also be brought up a little and EDT should be a good program to use. Good luck!


I’m going to address my calves with John Roman’s calf article in a month. Maybe I’ll finally be able to put some meat on them. I’ll keep the forum informed about how the program works out.

What don’t you like about your chest/back measurements?

They are nicely contrasted to your waist.

Only thing I notice is the lack of size increase when you flex. Are you measuring around lats flexed also or not?


I said an imbalance in that maybe my chest/back is out of proportion with my arms and calves. Meaning, my chest is bigger and I need to work on my arms and especially my calves.