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I’ve been reading the “Respectable Arm Size” thread and it seems that a lot of people have bigger arms than i do, at the same weight as me! can you guys give me a little help and let me know how my measurements are? they go like this (in inches)…

waist - 31
arms - 14 1/4
chest - 39 1/2
thigh - 23
calf - 15 1/2

if you t-men and t-vixens can give me some feedback on this, i’d appreciate it…

oops…i forgot to say i’m 5’10, 166lbs, and 9% bf

You left out your wrist size. From your measurements it would seem that you are a little bottom heavy. So you may want to try Ian’s Super routines for Upper Body size and arm size. Remember that you will have to gain 10 pounds for each inch you want to put on your arms.

I am in the same boat you are. I can get my chest, back and legs to grow but my arms just don’t seem to grow an inch. I am going to try and not do any direct arm training for about a month as see how that goes. I have put on about 12 pounds in 2 months with little or no growth to my arms.

How are you taking your arm measurment?

I am just taking mine with a tape measure.

Dude, your legs are MASSIVE. I have like 17 1/4" calves and I thought mine were huge. That said, your upper body is lagging in comparison. Thats not to say your upper body measurements are no good, quite the contrary, they are quite good, but given your massive legs your upper is a bit behind.

Hahah, Jim you definitely read that wrong. He has 23" thighs and 15.5" calves. Should i teach people how to use HTML to make their stuff more readable?

The measurements are after… he as 15.5 calves. and 39 thighs. He has 39 waist, 23 thigh and 15.5 calves. but you are right. he would have been VERY bottom heavy. I hope he didn’t have a 14.25 inch chest. ha ha ha

I’m replying a tad late, sorry. Genovese: you sound very similar to Ko (my boyfriend). He’s 5’10" - but right now you weigh more than he. He couldn’t train for awhile due to a shoulder and back injury. So, dropped weight.

I wish someone would post that website again where you can check your measurements. Genovese, it was in the "proportion" thread like just last week. Is your concern over your arm size? Are you doing ALOT for your arms now? And if you are, maybe you should stop and just concentrate on compound exercises. Just a thought.

I don’t really seem to get my arms to grow. My lower body seems to grow well, considering i have a severe ankle injury that restricts motion. I train my arms as much as i train everything else…not too much…not too little…anywhere from once a week to twice every week and a half. It’s hard for me to see any definition in them. Maybe I’ll give the indirect training a try. Does anyone have a good program for this? thanks for the replies…

one more thing…i want to get ripped but i also want to get huge…do you guys think i have time to go on a bulking phase and try and gain some and still have time to cut up before it gets too late into the summer? I’m sick of dieting! :slight_smile:

D Rock…does HTML work in here? i know it, but can i just write it up to make a list here?

Patricia- someone may have beaten me to it 'cause it’s a couple of hrs. after your post, but I think the site you’re referring to is <www.sandowmuseum.com/ideal.html>

Um, I don’t think that that’s exactly what Joel meant…

Probably, he was asking something like the following: Is the arm flexed or not? Pumped or not? Are you making sure to keep the upper arm parallel to the floor when you take the measurement or not? What’s your elbow angle? Is the tape perpendicular to your upper arm bone or not? Are you measuring at the peak of the biceps, or at some other point? Etc. etc. etc.

See how complicated things can get on this forum?

Patricia, the link was:


Although if you put 1 inch as the size of your wrists it gives you the formula for figuring it for yourself. Just multiply the wrist size by:

6.5 for chest

4.55 for waist

5.25 for hip

2.34 for bicep

1.885 for forearm

3.445 for thigh

2.21 for calf

2.405 for calf

Yes HTML works in here. I know they will let you do some simple text formatting like bold, underline, italics. You can all the different kinds of lists. I doubt the mod would let you do much more than that though.