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I to am in my 40’s and just won my 3 world powerlifting title and am approaching a 900 squat, and 2000 total drug-free. I’ m not bragging just letting you know that attention to detail does pay off. Above all though make it fun. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what you do, it will never come to fruition. Take the little wins when you get them.

Nice post Champ. I believe we may have met last year.

Champ…nice job bro!! Your absolutly right…just goes to show you what dedication will do…keep lifting bro!!

I am a 24 yr. old powerlifter who has enjoyed good success at the regional and state level. I have won state championships in two states at the Junior Class. Up until this point, I have relied on genetics and have been pretty sloppy with my diet and training. Now I am getting my butt kicked in the open. I realize that the age catgories are there for a reason, and I guess I will have a few years of getting kicked around, but I was curious what sort of “attention to detail” you maintain. What sorts of things did you do religiously that allowed you to rise in the ranks over the years??? Thanks,