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Mean Mugging and Staring


Does anyone ever experience this:

I was in the store and some wannabe gangster was looking at me but would'nt make eye contact. When I saw him in the parking lot, him and his other wannabe gangster friends "mean mugged" me (staring while trying to intimidate) What were they trying to prove. I stared back. Is this supposed to induce fear. I hope to see all of them by themselves. I think I'm going to ask them if they think staring is rude. If they get the answer wrong , I'm going to slap the shit out of them them til they get it right. I would have done it then but these fuckers would have probably jumped me. I could have gotten 2 of them for sure but my 1911 was'nt in the car for the rest of them.

Also whoever in Golds Gym Waldorf, MD that found my Inzer wrist wraps give me my shit back.

And yeah ChapStick is part of my every day carry items.


Heh, I thought the thing on the bottom left was a crackpipe or something until I clicked it and saw it was just a blurry watch.

I've had this shit happen to me before, but when I directly acknowledge them and their staring, they generally piss off.

And yeah, I carry Carmex everywhere too. My lips get so bad in the winter that it looks like I self-mutilate my mouth or something.


I get that a lot too, mostly from wigger white trash. I always either smile at them really goofy-like, or make a cross-eyed funny face. They almost always stop and get this really awkward and confused look on their face like they have no idea how to respond. It great fun, and good for a chuckle. I highly suggest doing that instead of pulling out your nine and busting a cap in their ass.

And I carry chapstick too.


dont even pull a weapon out on losers like that. If they don't put their hands on you then that proves that they were too chickenshit to do it in the firstplace. Plus pack mentality, peer pressure and trying to impress friends will make an average dude do whatever he feels he has to to look hard.


i hang out with prof x and waylander all the time so we don't really experience any trouble


I agree 100%. I'm up for a field trip if you spot them again. I love slapping me some wannabe gangsters. I can barely contain myself when confronted with that shit. You did better than me cause we would have had words. Remember - think of yourself like a police dog and why police dogs can control entire crowds - not because a dog can handled 10 people, but because no one wants to be the FIRST to get bit :slight_smile: Sometimes, ya just gotta bite a motherfucker...the rest fall back. If you can handle two, and you got three, it means knock the first one out quick/fast, then you got two :slight_smile:


something you learn in high school when your the biggest fucker (fat!) all the little dicks need to feel like they have a penis so they try to start fights..one thing most of these little suckers down know is..try and jump me and you'll be running down the hall towards the principals office screaming like a bitch (true story, funny as fuck)

college kids seem to be much better off.. even the wannabe gangsters are nice lol.


Why is starong such a big deal in the U.S.?


I have trouble not laughing when thuglets stare at me. If you're dressed like wanna-be crack dealers while hanging out in the nice area of town where I live, either your upper middle class parents bought you those jeans that don't fit, or you hang out here because you get made fun of or mugged when you go to rougher areas of town. If you dress like that and are above the age of 12, I pity you, your parents, and the people who put up with your lame ass. Get some pants you don't have to hold up with one hand while trying to walk, consider turning your hat forward so it actually blocks the sun or just don't bother, and keep staring at my back as walk past you not paying you a bit of attention.

If you don't step aside, I don't even care, as long as I can get by without having to rub all up on ya, it's not worth some liberal prosecutor deciding to try and prove a point at my expense. If you speak to me, I'm going to laugh and keep walking, because you really aren't worth it. If you get between me and my car, I'm going to call the police. If you touch me before they arrive, I'm going tear off whatever you touched me with, and if I can't get it to come off, I'm going to break it so many times trying you'll never use it again. If you follow me, again, I'm going to call the police. If you step onto my property before they arrive, hopefully the responding officers will have trash bags and a mop.


Television, people getting beat as kids or watching their parents beating on each other ect ect...


The "U.S" is a huggeee place. Please don't assume that there is one culture here. Culture changes within a 10 mile radius is some places.


Where the fuck do you think I live asshole, I've been around the U.S. and lived in very different places and most people get all offended if you stare.


Just tattoo a Swastika on your forehead and wear a big trenchcoat.


Or how about I pick you up over my head and rip you in half?

Are you that much of a pussy that you got offended enough by my response to call me an asshole? What are you 8? Put down the crack pipe and learn how things work on the internet. Nothing about my initial reply was aggressive. You asked an extremely broad question and I answered accordingly.

Now sit down and shut the fuck up or act like a normally functioning human being.


Why is saying

such a big deal in the U.S?





Sorry for the bump but just had to mention one of funniest posts ever. Sorry for the hijack but Bones I followed doing close grip pulldowns and t bar handles and my lats dont look as obvious (very high insertions) Thanks


The "U.S" is a huggeee place. Please don't assume that there is one culture here. Culture changes within a 10 mile radius is some places.


Sorry I hurt your fellings wanna cookie?


No you didn't. But it's pretty obvious that you aren't dealing with a full deck. Im sorry for implying that you are a crack head and I hope I didn't offend anyone else with a mental disability.