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Mean Dean

Did anyone else see Dean’s speech last night??
That guy is weird!!!..and scary!! That was the freakiest speech I have very heard or seen!!..and confirms what I said a long time ago bout this guy: He has a bad temper and he is a hothead! Not the kind of guy who can push the big “red button”.!!!
Anyone who would vote for this guy …all I can say is that they have lost their freaking minds!!!

And that was a loser speech…I would shudder to think of a speech he gives if he wins something!!!

Yea, I found that screaming and air thumping with his fist to be darned odd. Not what I would call very statesman like.

While I was watching that poor excuse for a speech, I was thinking that he did himself more harm with that one speech than he did by finishing third in a contest that he was predicted to win a few days earlier.

I think it cost him the nomination and election. Howard Stern spent 3 hrs. replaying and mocking it.

While Howard Stern is a complete moron, I think he may have it right with Dean. Hey, even a blind pig gets a cob of corn now and then.

That was hilarious ZEB!!..I will have to remember that!

I thought it was…Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and a while.

Dean is crazy.

There are variations depending upon where you live.

People blew it out of proportion, he was just getting into it.

It looks like that nutty tirade, and several other verbal gaffs, are causing Dean to fall in the polls in New Hampshire.

Apparently, if you were in the actual audience, it didn’t look bad. On TV, he didn’t look very presidential. You can rev up the crowd without doing that. I think the criticism he’s getting for this is from voters he previously turned off with his general attitude (and opportunistic journalists).

Iowa was kind of test for a lot of people who were leaning toward Dean. When the polls were showing many Iowans going to Kerry or Edwards instead, I think a lot of people out of state were turning themselves that way. They wanted to believe that were not surrendering but making an intelligent decision, and so they loved when (1) the caucus results supported the polls and (2) Dean acted in such an unorthodox manner.

That was the funniest noise that I’ve ever heard.

I don’t vote. It’s a waste of time. Who’s this Dean guy?

Dean is under the microscope and is a target of both the Republicans as well as establishment Democrats. The guy will not be able to fart without having it replayed and dissected and critiqued.

He did make an ass of himself but it’s pretty much a non-story. The media is spending a lot of time on it because (A) it’s funny and (B) they are lazy sacks who would rather write a story about John Edwards having “good hair” than John Edwards’ platform.

If the Republicans are going to be allowed to choose the Democratic nominee then this country is screwed. And to me, that’s what this story is all about. A whole lot of nothing. The Republicans are trying to seize on this little episode and trying to use it to paint Dean as “mean” and “crazy”. That’s horseshit.

If you are a Democrat or Independant, don’t let Republicans tell you who your candidate should be.

Personally, I would be more happy with any of the front four Democrats as president instead of Bush. If Dean doesn’t make the cut, too bad. It seems to me that the Repugs are starting to realize this election isn’t going to be the cakewalk they imagined it would be, just a few weeks ago, and now they are on the attack.

Lumpy, it seems that most Republicans are much less fearful of Dean than of Kerry or Edwards, but perhaps not as many as I think.

But you have to laugh at the sound the guy made. It doesn’t affect my opinion of his stance on issues, but it’s funny as shit.

And yes, the media blows. Really bad.

Lumpy makes a good point about the media making a big deal about it. Just like they did when an overly excited vice presidential nominee named Dan Quayle pumped his fist in the air and jumped around like a puppy dog the first day on the campaign trail.

The media saddled him up and rode him for four years, beginning with that one episode.

It’s much easier for the media to declare someone “crazy” or “dumb” than to actually delve into the persons beliefs. It’s those one liners that sell papers and add time on television.


You’ve got to be kidding about Republicans trying to choose the Democratic candidate. As another thread awhile ago expounded, Republicans [not necessarily conservatives, especially economic conservatives] would LOVE a Dean candidacy, because it would sew up a second term for Bush. Moderates would have nowhere to turn – it would be either vote Bush or stay home. I happen to have a couple Democratic friends who have come to just that conclusion (they would have voted for Lieberman, but no one else). There is a rather large contingent of Democrats who wouldn’t trust any of the candidates save Lieberman with national security issues.

Bush would feint even further left with more “compassionate” spending, and it would be a rout.

As for the screaming being a non-issue, you’re right. However, it was a VERY bad first impression to those across the country who had not been paying close attention prior to the results of the Iowa caucus – and it might make people for whom that was a first impression more willing to believe the whole “Dean is unbalanced” line. Not a cagey political move.

People are making a big deal over nothing.

I thought he sounded like Rick Flair.

All of the candidates have been talking all day every day for weeks and months. John Edwards had laryngitis this week. Dean sounded weird because his voice was shot, so it sounded like he was bellowing.

Dean was on C-Span today and he was totally hoarse.

If this is the only thing the GOP can focus on, they don’t have much to say, but then they can’t really run on the state of the nation, can they…

Hey the Democrats’ LAST DEBATE is on TV tonight.

Rick Flair does it better. Same goes for his strut. Now if Dean could strut like that or classic Jessie Ventura then we’d have something!
A pink feather boa might clash with his sensible sweater though.

Enough of that hogwash. Now what we all wanna see is Clarke or Kerry tearing that arrogant little chickenhawk bastard Bush a new asshole. Even you hardcore Bush-loving military types must admit to enjoying that.