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Mean Bastards


If you read some of todays posts you will find intolerance and ridicule of:

Fat people.
Weak people.
People who have a problem spelling.
Religious people (all of them)
Gay people.

By laughing at someone elses troubles or religious beliefs shows how little class you have.

I'm probably guilty at times but there are some of you out there who hate everybody who doesn't fit your image of the perfect man.

I'm happy that at least YOU have attained perfection and would be delighted if you could share your secrets with the rest of us.

I just found it amusing.

Oh and I'm not talking about cracking on skinny kids who post pictures with stupid questions...they deserve what they get but calling someone a moron because he/she believes in God is just downright uncool.

It's also quite amusing that most of these posters keep a real tight lid on their own personal lives yet stomp the shit out of the guy who had the guts (or stupidity as the case may be) to tell us something personal about himself...

Just my thoughts.


My thoughts...

Yeah I agree there's a lot of negativity around T-Nation...but the fact of the matter is, it's all around everywhere. In the job you're at, the school you go to, even at home if you look.

My point is this...Don't focus on the negatives. They're all around and they're always going to be there/here so why even bother giving the negatives some thought.

There's also posts on here about comedians and the NFL...It's all about where you look and how you view it.


Yeah, well, love it or hate it, that's life.

And I'm sure anyone that's been stomped on has done their own share of stomping before. It's the circle of life, and it moves us all..

Oh crap, the kids movies have gotten to me.


Agreed. Insulting people only serves to build your own pathetically low self esteam temporatily.


Gee, I wonder who this is about.

First of all, this is pretty sensitive stuff from such a rugged individualist.

Second, here's my general theory on life: we all live in glass houses. Therefore, kindness and tolerance are key.

However, the second someone starts lobbing the word "faggot" from his crystal balcony, or declaiming that Jebus is the only salvation from his mirrored doorway, then it's open season for me and anyone other to whack away at that fucker's foundation with brickbats.

If someone calls my beloved friends and family "deviants and perverts" because of who they love, I (and I'm speaking for myself, of course) will use all possible ammunition to embarass that person and make him realize the error of his ways.

I will not apologize for this, ever.

To quote from a book that has withstood the test of time: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I like that thought, and I will not cast the first stone.

But, once the first stone is cast, a motherfucking boulder should be dropped on that fucktard's head.


As I prepare for an appointment with my attorney for an expungement.

Part of me says- "I'm a different person now. Why should I be suffer for something I've allready been punished for?" .

While another part says-" You got away with a lot more than you got caught for, and you did in fact do it.".

Most recent kick in the nuts- Got turned down for a very nice career opportunity after a great interview went south in light of the H.R. departments crminal background investigation.

Oh well, Gotta do the best you can with what you have.


harris447, you took the words right off my keyboard, Great Post!!


I agree with this. The demonic issue raised deserved some stone throwing. It may need a burning at the stake just to be sure all of the demons are gone.


If someone can't copy and paste there post into a program with spellcheck, then they should get mocked.

And good job harris447.


Now how the hell did you ever figure out that I was reffering to you?
Oh that's right Harris. It was you who ridiculed Fat Tony for being an ex con fatass orca loser and a weakling who can only lift a 50lb. dumbell.
You managed to insult him on three different levels in one post.
Hmmm. If he wrote something you disagreed with then you definately have every moral right for rebuttal but attacking his physical attributes when you know he's making an effort to better himself is just plain wrong.
C'mon man. I know your smarter than that and some of your posts I can agree with but you went a tad left of good taste this time. I never have a problem taking critisism and dishing it out. I think that if this forum became too PC I and many of the members would lose interest so debate and even a little aggresiveness is fine. I just think you could have done it a little better that's all.
I guess it's like that cartoon drawing of Mohammed everyone is whining about.
Could they post it. Yes they can. Should they have done it? I doubt it.


Both of you children stop it! You are both right and both wrong. Grey, worry about Grey. Harris, worry about Harris.


Beautiful. I guess we should copy and paste our text into a program with spelling AND a check that looks for proper use of their, they're and there.




Honestly, if I could have insulted him on 19 different levels, I would have.

I am thoroughly sick and tired of "faggot" and "deviant" being thrown around on these boards.

I would be just as aggrieved if "kike" or "nigger" was used so casually.

Now, am I perfect? FUUUUUUCK, no. I've had problems with drugs and alcohol. Shitty relationships with women. Used to shoplift in high school. (Books, and only from chain stores, but it's still wrong.)

So, knowing this, I don't believe I've ever been the first to pass jusgement on anyone on this board.

But, when I see someone with hatred and stupidity emanating--unbidden--from their very core, then I will come down on them like Mjolnir, mystical hammer of Thor.

More specifically, when someone comes onto this board crowing about taking speed and considering gastric bypass to lose the weight he gained sitting on his ass with a federally-mandated piece of jewelery around his ankle...well, when that guy calls my friends and family "faggots" and "deviants" and "perverts"...

Well, fuck him.

And, Grey, for our political differences, I know you're a smart guy, too. I think you've picked the wrong side in this argument.


HAHA, good catch. I suck.


Burn him at the stake. Call him an idiot as well but keep the fat and weak comments to yourself.
I'll bet that a large number of posters here fall into the "fat" category...or do you think that everyone who reads this forum is in top shape? Hardly.

I'm not fat but I don't think some of the other guys enjoyed that exchange. I actually winced when I read it.

Fat Tony tried to make a joke. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't funny. That is up to personal taste.

Harris attacked him tooth and nail...why is it that you guys protect the rights of gays and allow the slandering of religion? I think that if you're allowed to make fun of all religions then making fun of gays should be fair game as well. For fuck sakes it's only a sexual preference. Shit, we have people here that advocate turning all the Arab nations into a nuclear wasteland.

Lets have an even playing field gentlemen.


You're gay.


Of course. Then at the end of each month TC will give the best speller a little gold star beside his avatar.


Hey Rockscar...
Ive gotta tell you that because of your finger pointing avatar picture I get this creepy feeling that your looking at me when you post something my way. It's pretty weird.
It actually gives your messages a bit of oomph. Hahaha. Like your yelling it out.


I hate when people do that. I am not.