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Meals (Snacks) Through the Day

Hello all - I’m in the process of bulking (~3,300 Kcal per day) and roughly 165g of protein per day. My question is; what do you eat throughout the day to help hit your Kcal goal and protein requirements?? I am fine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but my ohter 3 meals I am getting SICK of oatmeal, fruit, veggies, jerky, nuts, etc…I do consume 2 Grow! shakes throughout the day and am limited to what i can add to them as I don’t have a blender at work. I guess I’m curious as to what you eat throughout the day??

I was planning on trying the recipes in this article http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/recipes/brief_history_of_oats.htm

I make chili or beans once a week - them beans have plenty of protein & make the girls swoon at your odor!

I also boil eggs by the dozen. They are good & quick alone OR make a cool filler for a taco wrap.

Dry oatmeal, nuts, & even chocolate chips turn yogurt into a protein packed treat.

Those are some of my goodies. I’m looking forward to hearing what some other guys eat too. Variety is a spice in life.

POTATOES and AVOCADOS. Excellent for bulking–high calorie, with high nutrient density.

If anything, I’d recommend more protein if you’re bulking. Assuming you’re 165 lbs (1g per lb), I’d recommend going up to 1.5. Has worked wonders for me in the past, and still is working wonders today.