Meals Leading Up to Game Day

 Hi ive read all about carbo loading and the effects but still sound a little too much effort with bad effects for people trying to lose weight while still get best performance. 

My question to the floor is what is the best diet or examples of diet leading up to game day for maximum energy, concentration etc. Lets say eating right 2 days or less coming up to game day!

Thanks in advance for your knowlegde!

if losing weight is your goal it should be primary in the offseason.
If you are not playing a sport where you have to weigh in than performance should be your primary concern. Eat balanced with plenty of calories to support your metabolism. Just don’t eat enough to gain weight.

You want to neither pig out or restrict calories no telling where your hormones will be come game time.

Ya true,

I normally go for Scrambled Egg and two slices of toast in the morning and plenty of water. Ive started eating bananas now! And ive heard bread and jam sandwhiches can be usefil too apparently!

PLan to have scrambled egg and toast in morning, about 10am, then match is at 1 so will have banana and jam n bread 1 hour before game n then banana at half time!

Any other suggestions or alterations?

try doing an online search for carb up diets leading to game day. I know Ive read one before but cant remember where. It actually sounded pretty decent. But I would say some complex carbs a couple of hours before and the day before the game would give you the long lasting energy that you need to get through the game.

in addition to what everyone else recommended i’ve found drinking Surge around 30 minutes before games helps out a lot

some protein after the game would help. Surge or another caffeine drink up to 20 minutes before a match would probably be helpful.