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Meal / Training Timing - HELP

It’s finally become apparent to me that one of my biggest issues is I don’t have time to workout at night after work. Training on weekends is an awesome stress reliever for sure, but trying to fit it in at night just seems to add more stress, whereas, in the morning, I’m psyched about the idea. I think if I move my workouts to the morning I’ll stick with the program and get more out of them. My problem is this: I work 10-12 days at my office. I’m at my desk by 7:00 every morning (usually 6:30). Now, I have some leeway with that (not a ton) and what I’m wondering mostly is,… i know I shouldn’t weight train while fasted, so what sort of pre-workout meal is going to get me what I need. I was thinking a pre-workout Metabolic Drive shake. Would that be sufficient? And, if so, about how long before working out should I consume it?

My goal is fat loss, and I’ll be alternating heavy lifting days with full body circuits & steady-state cardio.

Thanks for whatever help and input you can provide.

Move it to the morning then

What you do in the training sessions really depends on what you look like already

How much do you weight, waist in inches and how tall are you?