Meal Timing

I’m trying to make small steps in helping my girlfriend eat more healthy. Besides basic nutrition, I encouraged her to eat more, smaller meals throughout the day. She asked me how far apart meals had to be before they’re considered another meal. I honestly couldn’t give her a good answer. She can cut her lunch in half and eat each half a little over an hour apart, but I didn’t know how helpful that would be. Any help would be…well, helpful.

2 hours between each meal is fine, just make sure the meals are heatlhy and the carbs are good carbs, such as brown rice or oatmeal…lots of fruits and veggies is good…and just cuz shes girl doesnt mean she cant have a whey protein shake once a day or so, before or after a workout!! good luck

So if she eats an hour appart, she should basicly think of it as one meal?

There’s can also be a psychological aspect to this as well. At least for me, it’s easier to eat clean if I sit down and have my meal, finish it and walk away. Eating over a prolonged period can lead to unconscious snacking which can be a REALLY bad habit. I’ve also read elsewhere on this site that your body needs a couple hour break between meals to “recognize” that it’s separate meals and not just one long one.

Hope this helps

Well, that’s what I was thinking, but I guess I’ve just never read anything about it. 1 hour just doesn’t seem like enough time, but I wonder if it’s worse or better than just 1 meal.

I’ve just started eating 6-7 times a day with a minimum of 2 hrs inbetween meals. Although I’ve only been on this schedule for about 3 weeks, I must say my energy level has increased dramatically! I’ve also been able to alleviate snacking, since I always have a pre-portioned meal ready.