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Meal Timing

Hi T’ers. What do you guys think of meal timing…how important is it? I have an impeccable diet right now and I can’t seem to lose that much fat. One thing I have noticed though, is that being a college student off for the summer(besides work), I get up at 10 am sometimes and don’t go to bed until 230.My last meal is around 12 usually. Does this smaller window for feeding cause me to get fat. I als am not ableto lit til around 630 so my last carb meal is at around 730-8 oclock(surge).I take my thermogenics before I lift(afte a pro/fat meal) and later on before another pro fat to avoid insulin resistance…Is this bad, would i give myself a better chance at fat loss by getting up earlier? thanks, Mike

Yeah I know some of the studies I’ve seen show that those who oversleep are more likely to get fat. Interestingly enough, those that undersleep are also likely to put on weight…the answer has something to do with cortisol in the case of undersleeping and in the case of oversleeping I think it makes your metabolism lazy. So you’re better off getting the amount of sleep you need but not too little and not too much.
Regarding the thermogenics you’re taking to avoid insulin resistance they definitely do not help here and in fact Mr. John Berardi says they actually cause insulin resistance…I have no argument with him.

Hey, Mike-O! Kelly brings up a couple good points and has become one of the most reliable and efficient sources of info for me on the forum (pat on the back to Kelly). As for the fat loss sitch…remember it is a slow process and the body is stubborn. I think you may be overanalyzing a little bit. Don’t worry about the timing of that last pro/carb meal, that shouldn’t be an issue. But if that last one is Surge, make sure you wait at least two to three hours before switching back to pro/fat meals. I think the important thing with sleep is to be consistent:-)

Thanks for the responses guys…Kelly I understand the thermos don’t help insulin sensitivity(thats wh i’m taking insulene)but I’m taking them before pro/fat meals because of that reason…that is what i mean. Timbos on da toes and this is how it goes, I hear ya with the overanalyzing loud and clear. Its just that i’m eating quite possibly cleaner then ever(even though i’ve been a nutrition freak for 4 years) I’m taking actual effective(supposedly) sups. i have a hella good eating plan with don’t diet, an my activity is high. Weights 3-4 x a week, low intensity cardio on the treadmill after for 15-30 min and high intensity aerobics 2x a week…and the fat loss is way too low. Kinda gettin to me ya know?later guys,Mike

Mike, getting up earlier in the morning may not be your solution. If you start your feeding at 10am, and continue eating at three hour intervals, you can get six meals in before you go to bed. You didn’t state exactly what your training goals are, but if you are trying to lose fat start some cardio (preferably in a second and seperate workout to your resistance training workout) This in combination with a reduction in calories should help. And one more thing, work hard at the cardio. I just came from a cardio session where me and my buddy were the only guys in the place with puddles of sweat around the stationary bikes. Makes me wonder, what are those other people are doing anyway? 65-70% of predicted max heart rate for roughly 25-30 minutes is good for starters.

Really the thermos have a long enough half-life in the body I don’t see how it could help just taking them prior to the pro-fat meals. If possible can you give some more specifics such as your weight, estimated bodyfat %, estimated caloric intake, macronutrient ratios (protein, carbs, fat), how long have you been dieting, and how low of a bodyfat % do you want to achieve…If you post this info. maybe I can give you some more good useable strategies.

Kelly and Coos…thanks. Kelly i’ll give ya some stats TiA fo taking the time to hlp. I’m pressed for time so here it is. I’m about 178lbs(5 foot 9) at 10-10.5 % bodyfat. I take in 2400. 40 % pro-33% carb , 27% fat. 3pro/ carb meals and 2 pro/fat my crbs comefom oatmeal ad surge only…unless pressed for time i’ll eat whole wheat bread ora gatorade bar if I 'm working. I eat a pro fat mal befre traning an bd…fat comes from flax , nuts ,oatmeal, and 95% lean beef. i take insulenebefore pro carb meals…except surge. 4 teaspons of methoxy 7 a day. and two servings of Md6 with one beta lean cap(as bill roberts suggested) I do a half hour cardio after weights 3-4 times a wee and two daysHIt crdio on non training days. I hafta go now.i’ll post if i forgot anything…body fat goal is 6 % been dieting for 4weeks

Mike I see a couple of things you could possibly change that might help you. You could either keep the calories the same but have 2 p+c meals and 3 p+f or you could keep the meal breakdown the same and lower your total calories down to about 2100. If you choose the former I would eat a p+c meal a couple of hours before your workout and another after but keep everything else p+f.