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Meal Timing Trouble


Hey guys,

I'm new here but anyway..
I'm in college and I play baseball everyday during the week from 4:30 - 6:30 and then I have an hour to eat dinner before lifting at 7:30
So far I've gained 5 lbs this year and I've seen results; however, I worry because I'm trying to stuff as many calories as I can inside me at each of my meals because that's the only way I gain weight. I know that you're supposed to eat light before a workout...any suggestions?


Why are you supposed to eat light before a workout?


you can stuff yourself before lifting, doughnuts and deadlifts are a great combination.


If you don't feel sick during your workout then stuff away.

Some people can eat right before (me) and some can't without suffering the ill effects of such a late meal. You'll have to try and see but why my have a reasonably sized meal am hour before hand and split up those extra calories and add them to your other meals or have them post work out?


Any chance you can lift at 6:30 straight after baseball??

Smash a protein shake and some carbs as you walk to the gym?? And then a massive PWO meal after the gym???



For calories nuts are great. To digest them ealily/faster soak them.
So take some plastic container with a decent lid put enough nuts/almonds in and enough water to cover plus half an inch. They might be in 16 hours but at least 4. For taste you might include a few raisins and or dried apricots.
Eaten in 10 min. and likely digested in 50.
All the best !


I wish... that would be perfect except the dining hall closes before my workout would end. Thanks for the idea though


I'll keep this in mind. Love almonds!


I'll try and have a little bit smaller sized meal before, if anything just for the preworkout absorptions sake. When I get back to my dorm after having my protein shake I usually like to have a banana/a white bread pbj sandwich. Before bed I've been taking a mass gainer as of late.

Thanks for the advice though.


"For the pre workout absorption sake"?