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Meal timing post workout

I want some advice on post workout meal timing
I am currently training between 11:45 am an 1pm
I have breakfast 4 eggs sunny side up with broccoli and pumpkin oil around 6:30 am at 9:30 I have 1 serving of Mag 10

At 10:45 i take indigo around 11:30 1 serving plasma during workout I use 1.5 servings of plasma, At 3 pm I have to be at work.

Is it ok to have a carb rich meal 15 minutes after training and then Mag 10 an hour later? Or should I Take the Mag 10 15 minutes post then eat say 30 minutes later.

I then normally have 1 more Mag 10 late afternoon between 4:30 and 6 and then some protein rich meal around 7-7:30.

I am currently following Look like a body builder perform like an athlete just am in test week and I put 15 pounds on my 3 rm for strict press and 10 pounds on muscle snatch.

I am planning 2 more cycles of this to increase strength and lean out.

Any help would be appreciated