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Meal Timing Kills Me


hey i just had a quick guestion, im in the process of cleaning up my diet and have all my supps on the order, im trying to time my eating sessions, and it sucks because i cant, i eat very healthy but timing kills me. for example i might eat my meal, and still be hungry, or hungry after, i tryed 16 oz water, i tryed water and fiber choise, i tryed protein shake,

any tricks?


Tough to say.
What are you eating? Stats?

You could be not eating enough (likely since it seems you're dieting), or it could just be you need to man up and expect some hunger while dieting. Too tough to tell from your post.


Eating more??


yeah thats basically what i mean, is it ok to keep eating healthy thoughthought the day, without taking 3 hoursb between meals? what if i eat ten meals per day (my job permits, manage a studio, lotsa downtime)


Again, it depends on your goals..


You could eat 10. I eat 8. But I'm trying to gain. And it doesn't have to be all healthy. It should be primarily good stuff, but if you need the calories, don't be shy to junk.


guys, really apperciate the input, ill keep you updated on things.


If it's how many meals per day, I know people say 6 or even 7 is optimal...but that's optimal.

I have a shake upon waking ( I exercise before work) Oatmeal and protein powder at the desk, buy a 12" sub and have 6 for lunch, 6 at 4:00, then a larger dinner. That's 5, though I'll usually have another protein shake at 10PM.

Well darnit, I guess that's about 6 then. What I was going to say is that if you can only really do 4 or 5, it may not be the downfall of your routine.


Nards - i can probably pull of about 7-10 meals, morning shake, breakfast at work, noon lunch, snack in an hour or two, 3 pm meal, ill prob get hungry again in an hour, so another at 4-5 pm, then another at 7, then another at 9, depends on how late i stay up itll be another meal maybe.

I mean these meals are dense, right now due to traveling and office work in my studio im eating beef jerky, cotage cheese, tuna and salmon in packets, whole wheat wraps, olives, hot peppers, protein shakes, cheese sticks, fruit, fiber choice chewables. so the diet is pretty clean as far as i can tell.


I think you should try it. Eat when your hungry, just keep it clean. The problem lies when you start to snack on unhealthy things.

Try it for a month or 2, see where you're at.