Meal Timing For Training?

Hey guys,
I’ve been struggling with my meal timing as it relates to my BJJ classes. My BJJ class runs from 6-7:30.

Would it be better to drink a shake an hour before class, then after class, have my PWO shake immediately after and then eat a solid meal? Or, should I eat a solid meal, say 60-90 minutes before class, then have my PWO shake after class?

Usually this isn’t a problem for me, as the class time used to be later in the evening, but now it falls around the time I would normally eat dinner.

I eat an Metabolic Drive bar 60 or so minutes before class. And I have some Surge or Vitamin Water during training. (And afterwards, too, if I engage in heavy sparring.)

Works well for me.

I personally have a BIG meal 2 hours post training simple carbs just prior and then after hit the Surge and then a meal.

In the end experiment and find what has you perform best


Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I’ll experiment and see what I like best.