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Meal Suggestions for Post Surge Recovery Meal?


The instructions for Surge Recovery tell me that I need to eat a meal consisting of 67% carbs and 33% proteins one to two hours after. (for gaining muscle)

Please post some meal suggestions for me. I have researched the forum and found no answers to this question.

I mostly eat allot of veggies with olive oil and grass fed beef (most of my meals are quite high in fat) and I'm somewhat confused about what to eat when it comes to fat free meals consisting of 67/33 carbs/protein.


Chicken and Rice/Sweet Potato/Baked Potato(eat the skin)

It's really not worth splitting hairs about. If you worked out hard enough, your body will be willing to take near anything up and put it into muscle.


Thanks for the input ReeDoc although i cant do chicken breasts, they are terrible here in northern ireland. so i only buy whole organic chickens but they are too expensive to eat daily.


Ah I see, well any lean meat/quality protein powder/fish (not too fatty) would do the trick. Just make sure it's something whole. I'd definitely look into lean steaks and tuna, as I hate to have too much liquid after a workout. Cottage cheese could also work....but come on! Get some meat!