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Meal Replacement (opinions?)

Does anyone ever get bloated after having a meal replacmet shake. Every time i have a Myoplex I feel bloated or bogged down, does anyone get this. What is the cause of this, and do any other meal replacements do the same???

Myoplex is full of sugar (corn syrup solids) and is a poor product IMO. Rather than buy meal replacements, I formulate my own, controlling the ingrediants, macro-nutrient ratios, and calories to fit the circumstances of the type of meal replacement I’m wanting at any particular moment. And I can throw 1 together about as quick as you can tear your packet open. For on the go, I throw the ingrediants in a shaker and add water later. I’ve been doing it that way for years. Most meal replacements suck IMO. Most are simply cheap whey and sugar.

Myoplex is actually a good fairly high quality protein powder. A little maltodextrin is fine espec is you are doing massive eating p & C meals. Don’t just rip a product unless you can back the claims the protein in Myoplex and Met-rx is of higher quality than most. (No I’m not saying it is as good as Advanced protein!) The fact is for the price the protein is fast and slow acting-plus it’s better and cheaper per gm than any whole food source. (besides shit soy products)

I agree, it’s the maltodextrin, the insulin response, and subsequent crash. If I were you I’d stay away from that stuff at all times except for postworkout. While these MRPs may be more convenient, they supply lousy high GI carbs.

MRPS - I assume your post was directed at my post…if so…YOU shoud get YOUR facts straight. Where in my post did I say anything about the quality of myoplex PROTEIN? I never ever specifically said the protein in Myoplex sucked. I did say that a lot of the meal replacements on the market in general use cheap ingrediants. And you, yourself, say meal replacements are cheaper than food…well how do you think they sell them so cheap? By using the finest indgrediants? I did say Myoplex used a lot of sugar and maltodextrin which is true. And whats the nutritional value of all this sugar (corn syrup solids). And maltodextrin is fine for a post WO insulin surge to get glycogen into the muscles quick, but at all other times, such as between meals meal replacement, maltodextrin is an extremely poor carb source being extremely high GI. You don’t want insulin spiked all day long. Even Berardi says that other than post WO, carb choices should be low glycemic (oatmeal, etc). See “foods to make you look good nakid”, and you won’t find maltodextrin or corn syrup solids on the list. And if you’re using Myoplex post WO for insulin surge and glycogen replacement, you’d do much better with the real deal - Surge. I stand by what I stated - most meal replacements on the market use cheap ingrediants so that they can sell them cheap and still make a huge profit and they’re chocked full of cheap high glycemic sugars and powdered carbs that have no nutritional value and only work to boost insulin at times when it’s not advantageous to have insulin spiked through out the day. There’s much better choices and that is what I was trying to point out. An occasional meal replacement is probably ok but for those that rely on them daily…they’re doing themselves an injustice.

Myoplex contains the cheapest protein on the market. Whey protein concentrate is cheap and shitty quality. Think of that next time you spend 80 bucks on a 42 pack. Met-rx uses milk protein, calcium casienate, which gives you a sustained release of protein that does not spike insulin levels. Stay away from EAS they just want your money and give you crap in exchange.

Actually MetRx changed their protein formulation…I don’t know how significant the difference is but it’s now milk protein concentrate instead of isolate. We all know there’s a dif. between whey isolate and concentrate. The original formula was extremely high quality. I think you’d be better off making your own as someone suggested earlier. Duchaine used to recommend a scoop or so of whey isolate, a scoop or so of milk/egg protein, 12 oz. skim milk, a crushed up vitamin tablet, a packet of sweetener (Splenda), and for added flavor if desired, a pkt. of sugar-free hot cocoa mix. This really is good, although a pain to concoct all the ingredients. Now that we have a quality blend of casein/whey like L.C. Grow, you can use that for the protein. Milk is high insulin, but it isn’t any worse than maltodextrin. If you need convenience, until Classic Grow comes out anyway, Myoplex Deluxe has a better protein blend than the regular, and Cytodyne and Champion also have high quality MRP’s. I’d give anything to have the orig. MetRx back. If you want to lower the glycemic/insulin effects, take some psyllium or guar gum, or some veggies along with the MRP…you should take fiber w. any MRP anyway.

But whey spikes insulin more than milk protein so wouldn’t you want more milk protein than whey if you were going to mix them. Whey absorbs way quicker. Am i missing something?

You are getting more casein than whey. With Duchaine’s formula, you get two sources of milk protein–the milk itself and the milk/egg pro. With LowCarb Grow (if memory serves correctly) I believe it’s a 60/40 split, plus the milk itself. Most all the MRP’s are blends…you just have to watch the labels to see what you’re getting, although sometimes this isn’t totally on the level either (refer to the Dirty Tricks article I think it was).

Thanks i’ll check it out.

Heb a Myoplex would be a fine P+C meal, you want to raise the insulin 2-3 times per day in that situation. Also a teaspoon of flax and wham the GI drops drastically for thos eon convetional diets. Malto is cheap but the Protein in MRPS is pretty good stuff…