Meal Replacement Idea

Just wanted to know what you guys thought, anyways here’s the story. I recently got hit with heartburn, gastric like case where the acid from the stomach actualy rises up towards the oesophagus (?). Due to that alot of the food that i usualy take in cant be taken in now cause it stirs the heartburn everytime.

The only thing that worked though was my prepared breakfast of oats, frozen banana, skim milk, protein powder and a lil bit of honey all blended together. Now this is sorta a cure for me to still be able to take in the proper nutrition without stirring up my heartburn.

Now my question is, from at least what i know, my “breakfast” contains everything i need in a proper meal. Carbs, fiber and protein. Is it possible that i continue taking this as meal replacements as it’s clean and has everything to build muscle? or lose fat?

2ndly, any of you guys have other ideas for protein shakes of the like? that way at least more people can benefit from the shared recipes.

On one hand, I would like to mention that fatty acids are good to have in a healthy meal.

On the other, I have to mention that the fatty acids may be a contributing factor to your heartburn.

Do your other meals have higher fat contents, and are they correlated with onsets of heartburn? If so, have you considered supplementing with some Gastric Lipase? (An enzyme)

the meals the night before and immedeately before the heartburn occured, yes. But any other meals on daily basis no, i try to keep it cleam most of the time. Due to certain circumstances those two meals had to be bad ones.

No, ive never tried or thought of that Gastric Lipase. What’s it do? (forgive me, id google but internet’s being a bitch if you dont mind explaining)

To my knowledge, some cases of heartburn are caused by a buildup of stuff in the stomach, which pushes HCl into the esophagus.

Fatty acids are usually the cause as, while carbs and protein start to be digested in the stomach, fats just pool their insoluble selves and wait until they reach the intestines.

This pooling delays transit (a reason fats satisfy), but may cause a backing up of material, causing heartburn.

I mentioned this because, if this is the mechanism of your heartburn, then gastric lipase will break the fats down IN the stomach, so less backing up would occur.

It also occured to me that a huge mass of food, regardless of fat content, may do the same. Do your other meals have a lot of ‘bulk’ to them?