Meal Replacement Bars

While I usually avoid Meal Replacement Bars, I like to keep a couple stashed in case I am about to miss a meal. I want to know if anyone knows of any low carb bars that do not contain glycerine. Most of the high protein/low carb bars contain glycerine to give it the candy bar texture. The glycerine is usually not listed in the carbs but is in the calories.

I am out 0f town alot, and on the road driving even more, so I have been in this situation as well. As far as low carb with out glycerin they all seem to have some amount of glycerin in it. But the best one i have found are the PureProtein Bars and the Isopure bars by natures best. Give a try. But if you do find a bar with no carbs and no glycerin let us all know!!


Some of the original atkins bars don’t have glycerine, but I can’t really handle the taste of them.

I was wondering about this a while ago. As far I can ascertain, glycerine will not get absorbed by the intestines. Yes, it is an essential component of fatty acids and needs to be listed as a calorie. However, no one was sure to the answer to my question about glycerine, but the consensus was it does not get used by your body.

you’re right. glycerine is not listed in most label’s calorie totals, but you will find the usual glycerine notifier in fine print somewhere at the bottom of the wrapper if it’s in there. instead you can throw a couple packets of your favorite mrp and a plastic spoon into a disposable cup for these kinds of emergencies. just a thought. kevo

correction to my previous post - glycerine is in the calorie totals just not listed in the nutritional contents just as steve c pointed out. my bad. :o)