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Meal Questions


I had two quick questions about two of my meals during the day. Recently I got a new job that conflicts with my usual workout routine, which involved working out in the afternoon. The only way I can get my workouts in my schedule now is by working out in the monrning before work/school. So here's my two questions.

  1. How should I consume my morning meal before my workout. Should I eat half before and half ater my workout, or just skip a meal when I wake up and eat after my workout?

  2. Anybody have any recommandations for forming a quick (5 min meal) for work/school. Would my best bet be a protein shake with milk and a protein bar?


have a shaker (20g or so) of whey isolate protein beside your bed in the morning. as soon as you wake up, drink it with some water or ice green tea. get up, train, and then eat whatever you eat for meal 1. This helps your body stay anabolic for your training.

protein and flax meal or oat meal is good (I'm eating one right now). try and make it metbolic drive or another slow digesting protein or you will be hungry shortly after.
also good are:

Hard boiled eggs
homemade protein bars (see Dr. Berardi's gourmet nutrition e book)
cottage cheese
cheese (if you eat it)

depends how much you want to eat and the time. but for five mins these are good.


If you eat it? what else are you going to do with it, bicep curls?


Nothing like curling a big block of cheddar. The more sharp it is the heavier... :slightly_smiling:

I think he meant that some people don't eat cheese (like 0.0000034% of the population).


heh. that makes a lot more sense.


Insert into mouth. Chew. Swallow. Repeat if necessary.


What I have found o work well with training in the morning is to suck down 20g of whey protein, 1 cup of blue berries mixed with 1 cup of plain fat free yogurt(splenda helps). The fat isn't bad but you don't want to slow digestion this early in the day. Then directly after you train have a pwo shake. About an hour later you can have a small lunch, a bar or a slow digesting protein like metabolic drive with oats. This is a great way to start your day.


Yeah if you work nights. For those people who work normal jobs, this careful timing/planning is very difficult.