Meal Preparation

Hey Guys,
I’ve been following the “Don’t Diet” plan, and I had some questions about meal preparations. I guess this could apply to any eating program in general, since we must eat 6 times a day. I try not to use MRP’s (Grow! right now) more than twice. I have read that whole foods are the way to go, so that’s what I’m aiming for. So Tuna for example. Do you guys make Tuna w/ the fat free mayo, fat free sour cream, and whatever else EVERYTIME you make it, or do you make a whole bunch of it at once? Do you marinate like 3 lbs. of Chicken breasts at a time? How do you diversify your menu’s? Any tips would be appreciated, and include your favorite recipes if you like. Also as a side note, do you know why Beradi specifically mentions WHITE pasta in Massive Eating? Does that mean WHEAT pasta isn’t very good for the diet?

Can no one answer this?

as for the cooking, cook in bulk. at night, ill cook all my food for the next day or 2. usually package of ground beef (seasoned with spicy spices is my favorite) and like 4 or 5 chicken breasts. if you dont have time to maranate, just throw some spices on it. hell sometimes i just blindly go to the spice rack, grab 3 or 4, and spice away. (works pretty good on eggwhites too.)