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Meal Prep Freshness?


So I’ve been meal prepping every Sunday.

For you guys that do a mass meal prep (meaning cook basically all the food you need for the week) how do you keep the day 4+ food tasting good??

I can stay consistent if I spend 2-3 hours cooking every Sunday. Wanted to see how the rest of you do it.


I have the same problem.

Once the food gets past day 4 it became a little stale. So now I cook on Sunday for Monday to Thursday.



I put my individual meals in glass containers, put them in the freezer and take them out one day in advance.


When cooking rice, I use more water than reccommended…helps keep the rice moist longer. For chicken, steak, pork, I sear the meat then cook it at a lower temp. Searing locks in the juice. Veggies don’t seem to get stale on me. Fish I only cook 3 days in advance. Eggs I only prep 2 days in advance (yes, you can prep scrambled eggs).


Is there any trick to heating up the eggs without stinking up the whole office?


Warm them up in the microwave, and as soon as you open the microwave door put back on the containers lid.



I’ve never thought that they smell. I do add a lot of veggies to them though (bell peppers, green onions, mushrooms) to help add volume. I always smell the veggies rather than the eggs…maybe that’s my secret?


Thanks. There is a speed element to that plan, but I’ll try to spare my colleagues


Sounds like a plan. I can give that a shot. Thank you