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Meal Plans for a Cutting Newbie

Just about to come off a bulking cycle and onto a cutter… looking for advice or any meals plans anyone has personally used while cutting.

Not really enough info for anyone to give out any real advice. Outside of saying eat less…


Bodyweight in lbs x 12 for the kcals

Myfitnesspal for the calculations

You’ll work it out eventually

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Try here for starters

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I’d really recommend taking a titration approach – track your calories and weight, find your maintenance intake, and then try taking ~10% off that, maintaining about 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. The guidelines above are useful for setting initial intake, but ultimately you’ll have to figure out your own metabolism.

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Are you asking how many calories to eat, what types of foods we individually like, how often we eat, etc.?

As @bulldog9899 alluded, each of the questions above would get a different response. More importantly, any response would be relatively meaningless for you; we need to know your goals and current state before we can give advice.


… dam - you wise Dog.


Actually being serious… people know zero about the Op. When he says he completed a bulk…what does that entails? Says he’s a newbie in the thread title… just saying. Look at the number of guys who start lifting and gain a handful of pounds and decide after a short amount of time decide to cut. I dont have enough fingers and toes to keep track of all the times someone has come on and stated something like this “im 6 foot went on a bulk went from 150lbs to 155lbs its cutting time.”

Plus @TrainForPain pretty much summed the other part of the equation.

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Mate I’m not digging at you. Just pointing out the simple wisdom that is - stop a meal or reduce meal sizes by 25%

This is so strange to me. I grew up skinny. I’d hate to be skinny again.
Of course Ive gone the opposite way and got fat.

Oh… I just wanted to clarify i wasnt making some sarcastic joke on my end. No worries…