Meal Plans...Enough?

5 whole eggs
3 slices turkey bacon
sour cream
2 servings carlson’s fish oil
1 multivitamin
5g creatine mono

2 servings lowfat cottage cheese
1 scoop low carb Metabolic Drive
1 serving naturally more pb
1/2 serving Superfood

5-6 oz grilled chicken or ground turkey
3 servings olive oil
2 servings benefiber
1/2 serving superfood

8-10 oz ground beef or 4-5 jumbo turkey dogs
1 serving extra sharp cheese
sour cream

same as m2+fish oil
add broccoli instead of Superfood

basically just wondering if this seems like enough to grow at 5’9" 175 lbs. For some reason my growth has been crap the past couple years. When I try to eat more, any weight past 180 lbs tends to collect up in pure fat, especially in my stomach area. I’m not afraid to lose the abs, but it gets annoying when my arms remain 13-13.5 inches while my stomach increases only.

btw on workout days i have 2 servings Surge workout fuel w/ 1 serving Surge recovery post workout w/ 5g creatine mono.

on paper i feel like i’m doing everything right, but my results don’t really show it.

and yes, i do all compounds…atg squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, dips, pullups, rows.

Where are you getting your carbs from?

[quote]WestCoast7 wrote:
Where are you getting your carbs from?[/quote]

well i’m doing a sort of timed nutrition approach, where basically during my workout, swf/sr gives me almost 100g on workout days, and i have a carb up day on saturday. i try to keep carbs low otherwise with fat pretty high. either way, the calories i lose from carbs are always made up from calories i gain in fat.

maybe add in some low intesity cardio 3-4 times a week to keep fat off or some sled work/farmers walk ec with workouts to burn extra calories

Maybe you should add some carbs to your meals and eliminate things like sour cream and some of the other random fillers.

You’re just going to have to keep playing with foods, and see what your body responds to best. I know our society has created a taboo around carbs, but for me they are a must if I am going to get any results.

Try a week or two where you increase your carbs and decrease your fats, but keep the overall cals the same, see if that gets you anywhere. Also, make sure your getting some carbs from sources like oats, brown rice, and sweet potatoes also, rather then solely from shakes.

You can try carbs only in the morning when your body is best at handling them. Then slowly add them to your later meals.

And if you’re only getting fat while eating more, it could also be your training.