Meal Plans and Cholesterol

Am I the only person here concerned with all the cholesterol intake with the protein?

A lot of the meal plans I’ve looked at (massive eating, for example) call for high amounts of protein powder and other protein with high amounts of cholesterol (there has to be long term effects of these diets).

Are there ways to avoid this?

I know there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, but I can’t imagine all of it being good. And if this is a stupid question please don’t hate. I’m pretty new at this high calorie dieting.

There seems to be a lot of research indicating that dietary cholesterol doesn’t translate all that well to blood cholesterol. Though personally, I’d be just as concerned with living too much on protein shakes and not real meat, and not getting obtaining or producing enough cholesterol. High cholesterol might be bad if you’re old and your arteries are hardening. Low cholesterol leads to weaker cell walls, etc. Heard that it can lead to a higher incidence of hemorrhagic stroke. I’m sure the other peeps out there know much more; but I think my comments have captured 90% of what you’ll hear.

I’ve recently been dealing with similar questions, and a thread I started was filled with masses of good information and advice by fellow T-Nation members. I just had my most recent blood test a week ago and was thinking of bumping the thread for an update. Here’s the link if you want to do some “light” reading on dealing with/worrying about cholesterol.

And yeah: don’t worry so much about dietary cholesterol. Worry about too much “bad” (saturated) fat. Ingesting flax seed oil is a way to pour pure “good” cholesterol (HDL) into your system.

Thanks guys for the advice. It was helpful. I’ve seen that recent research has shown that saturated fats are worse than dietary cholesteral.

…and here’s something I just ran into:

Apparently, drinking 8 oz. of pomegranate juice a day can help remove arterial plaque. This is good advice for anyone concerned with a buildup of LDL, I imagine.

Do they sell pomegranate juice at large grocery stores or do you throw a couple of big ones into a juice maker?