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Meal Plan Suggestions for Muscle

18yo, 155lbs, 5’11"
My goal is to gain muscle, im not worried about gaining fat.

Breakfast (6:00): 4 eggs, 1 glass of milk
Cottage cheese w/bread

Lunch (12:00): 3 spicy chicken sandwiches, 2 chocolate milks

Dinner(15:30): Chicken breast, potatoes, beets/lettuce/carrots with apples

Workout (17:30)

post workout: 3 scoops of vanilla Cyto Gainer w/450ml milk

Supper (22:30): 1 jar of beans in tomato sauce

  • or -
    I can of pate with bread.

Also in between meals a bunch of apples and bananas.
3l of water a day

Supplements: Multivitamin, creatine, Fish oil
Any suggestions?

Moar food. You can easily up the breakfast to 6 or more eggs.
If you have cottage cheese, make sure to eat a whole bowl and not just sprinkle some of it on bread.

I also don’t like your supper. Beans do contain some proteins but that’s not enough. Add some beef to that meal.

Also, ALWAYS have a protein shake before bed, that’s one of those habits that has to be carved in stone!

Thanks. There’s >40g of protein in beans btw, I think thats plenty. Also by the shake before bed you mean casein instead of whey, right?

Add some red meat in there.

I have 12oz of steak and mixed veggies a few times a day, and then eggs, lots of eggs and the rest of my cals come from my supps.

If I wasn’t in lean out mode, I’d add some rice and potatos to the steak and veggies and continue on. Love red meat.

How long have you been eating like this, and how has your progress been?

I like Dre’s point about breakfast, if cottage cheese is your only protein source on a meal, it better be a LOT of cottage cheese.

Lunch sounds like fast food, so probably not the healthiest thing out there, but I can see how you’re making do.

Dinner is also my main knock. Needs meat or eggs or dairy. If supper is closely before bedtime I wouldn’t worry about a prebed shake (steak digests pretty slow too, casein doesn’t have a monopoly).

Also, pate? Are you the King of France or something?

Cant really comment on the progress as this hasnt been a plan i’ve been following for a long time. As to spicy chickens…well, that’s the healthiest food they serve in my school so im stuck with it, although it isn’t that bad actually. My lunch choices include hamburgers soaked in grease, cheese pizza, peperoni pizza and fries. sadface…

Agreeing with Rhino, your Dinner is just horrible. Also, what’s with all your snacks between meals being appls and bananas? Pick something with more substance to it, either a shake/bar if convenience is an issue, or jerky, nuts, peanut butter,… something other than just some fruit sugar.


It looks like breakfast and the next meal are 6 hours apart. Any reason for this?

^ yea. It’s school. I can definitely fit something in there during one of my classes but i dont want to spend a fortune on stuff like muscle milk products… the best/cheapest thing I could possibly find is chocolate milk from my school cafeteria.

stop snakcing on fruits in between meals…just eat a bigger breakfast…

a big mixed meal(lot of protein/carbs/fat) takes 5-6 hrs to digest…perfect timing for you…

if you gain fat too fast, just get rid of the ctyogainer or your supper…if you can’t gain, then increase the size of your supper…

Man you remind me of me when I was that age. But you’re way ahead of me in that at least you are trying to get your diet together before you turn 25.

For breakfast choice number 1 stick with the eggs (or eat more!) and add in a cup of oats. If time and taste are problems then I recommend mixing them with your milk and just drinking them. Cheap and effective. That was a huge breakthrough for me and what allowed me to get up to 2c for breakfast (& +65lbs so far). The consistency is a little weird but you get used to it fast.
As for supper eat more veggies and add some more meat with those beans.
Eating spoonfuls of evoo is another way to add kcal fast. Or I guess you could put it on stuff…