Meal Plan Suggestions for Bulking

Weight= 167lbs.
Height= 5’9
Age= 19

My goal is to be 180lbs. in at least 4 months and my overall goal before I try to maintain weight is about 220-230 lbs. My eating habits are as followed:

Breakfast= eggs, two sausage patties, french toast, glass of chocolate milk
Lunch= spicy chicken sandwich with french fries and a lemonade
Snack= buffalo chicken wrap with a bottle of water
After Workout= Protein Shake
Dinner= three chicken patty sandwiches, icecream, and two glasses of chocolate milk
Snack= cheese burger with french fries
Before bed= two glasses of chocolate milk

I have weighed the same in about 2 years now and it frustrates the hell out of me. I have been getting stronger because I lift really hard with proper form in everything with benching 315 and all, I just haven’t been gaining any weight. Any suggestions would help.

Basically, the diet you just gave is pretty crappy. Use the search function, and look to some diets that incorporate real food. Nothing personal, but anyone looking for advice on diet here who eats french fries twice a day probably doesn’t deserve anything more constructive than that.

Yeah, I know that is bad (in fact I don’t even know why I wrote french fries for that second time, I don’t even remember the last time I ate that) But I pretty much just try to eat a lot of protein and calories throughout the day. I only have about 11% body fat and I’m just trying to gain weight along with muscle.

I’m not a big diet guy but if you want to put size on then learn a few little ticks.

uncooked oatmeal added to your shake will add solid calories, peanut butter sandwiches whenever, and try adding a big shake that you sip all day long. The protein you take in will be better used. The other thing I’d do is take a look at your training, if you can lower the volume do it. I’m a big fan of the 5/3/1. Use the search function there are tonnes of threads of weight/size gainer questions with lots of good advice.

[quote]ShawnV wrote:
I’m just trying to gain weight along with muscle. [/quote]

There are only two types of “weight” you can gain - muscle and fat. What else are you trying to gain “along with muscle”? Ditto what the other posters said, there are literally thousands of articles out here that cover this. Use the search tab willingly.

Good Luck