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Meal Plan on Cardio Day


I’m from Belgium… I’m already doing Carb Backloading for a while now but I have an annoying question where I couldn’t find a clear answer so far.

Right now I’m bulking and I’m bodybuilding 3 times a week. Before I start each workout I do an interval training of 10 minutes on the treadmill (1 minute sprint, 1 minute rest etc…), also Kiefer (the author of the Carb Backloading book) recommends this, seemingly it’s also good to get higher levels of testosteron.

But my main dificult problem is, that in any case I’d like to work on my condition as well, so alongside the bodybuilding days (3x/week) I’d like to add a “long (low intensity) cardio” day (let’s say 1 hour) on my training to lower my heart rate because it’s a bit high at the moment because I’m not that active to be honest.

So my question is how my meal plan should be on that ‘long cardio’ day? Do I have to limit my carbs under 30 grams and just eat fatty meals as we do in rest days? Or do I have to add some carbs? If yes, do I have to eat those carbs before or after the cardio session? And how much carbs should I eat on that day?

All kind of tips and advices are welcome, hope some of you guys can help me…