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Meal Plan Help: Age 50+

Im am looking for help devising a meal plan for my boss. He?s 52 about 5?11? 220, and would like to drop about 20-30lbs. His exercise consists of cardio workouts? tae bo?ish type, and other things of the sort.(he just started). I basically tried to address what foods for him to start eating, (lean meats, fruits veggies, low glycemic foods, etc)…and what foods to stop eating,(mickyDs and chinesse, etc…) but he?s looking for a ?tell me what to eat and when to eat it plan?

Im not knowledgeable enough to come up with a plan on my own, so im looking for some help to set this up. He?s not looking for the ?extreme diet? but a plan to get him eating healthier and start shedding the fat. he’s not looking for “overnight” results, but something that could possibly get him to reach his goal by spring/summer of next year.
So if anyone has some insight, or knows of an existing plan that would work well for him, I would appreciate it.


If you print this off and simply have him adopt these he will be a LONG ways ahead of most.

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Hope that helps,

He’s your boss and you want to please him. He’s asking a lot, more than he knows. That’s a lot of work. Nobody is going to calculte that for you for free. If you really want to help him (for whatever reasons) you need paper, a pen and a pocket calculator. There can’t be an readymade individualized plan, only a template and I think you can find a suitable one here in T-Nation. You will be much wiser on the subject when you’re ready, so the next one will be a piece of cake.