Meal Plan for Family

I have a 6 and 9 year old who are picky. Does anyone have a set plan that is healthy, and yummy even for picky kids. Oh and noe one likes seafood but me. I would like to get some crock pot ideas. I pretty don’t know what we are eating until the afternoon. No plan makes an unhealthy family.

Just a heads up, No one is going to write you a meal plan… People get paid good money to design meal plans no one is going to give you one for free.

As a picky eater, I would say don’t push. However, if you can get them to go grocery shopping and to let them pick out new “healthy” foods that helps them to feel empowered.

To this day I go by how foods looks to see if it will taste good. But, I madea deal with my wife, whatevr she makes, I’ll try at least one bite.

Dr. Jonny Bowden as a crockpot recipe book on Amazon

Figure out what healthy foods they will eat. Serve those foods.

The hubby and I cook a variety of different meals with whole foods. We rarely buy chicken fingers etc,. boxed foods etc. Just keep it mixed up and the kids wont get bored or sick of something.
Today, look for some healthy recipes to try for the whole week. Make a list of groceries needed to make it and go buy them. Choose what nights you are going to eat what. The night before prep for it…take meat out to thaw, cut up veggies, etc. Most crock meals can be mostly assembled the night before.
You are right, getting home after work when everyone is starving with no plan is not going to work. In the end it takes less time and prep when you are prepared.
Good luck!

also check out “Eat Like a Dinosaur” it’s Paleo cookbook for kids. The wife has been making some awesome tasting chicken thighs from it as of late.

there’s also chicken nugget versions and other kid friendly recipes.