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Meal Plan for a Late Evening Workout


Hey guys
I just started working and i can only workout at 7 30 or 8 pm.
Can any one guide me make my meal plan .
Should i take carbs after my workout?
Macro nutrients i wanna achive
Carbs 400g
Protein. 240g
Fat 71


Same situation is here.

Regarding to carbs, try to make it around your workout and on breakfast. Assuming you wake up on 06:30AM, then:

Breakfast: Complex carb + Protein
Lunch: Protein + Healthy fats
Pre-Workout Meal: Complex carbs + Protein
Post-Workout Meal: Simple carbs + Protein
Dinner: Slow digesting protein + healthy fats

BTW 400g of carbs seems very high amount, what are your stats?

Am I Doing It All Wrong?

thanks for the reply!
i go on a run in the morning and a late evening workout that why i take that much carbs.
i reach home by 10pm should i still have carbs in my meal ?
i take just take 1 scoop of on gold standard post workout + creatine a+glutamine


Yes you should take carbs after workout.

No need for carbs except for breakfast, pre and post workout meals. If your first solid meal after workout takes place at 10 PM (two hours after your workout) then no problem at all, it should contain carbs, but avoid any carbs after that meal. I guess you wont have time to eat after that last meal.

Anyway it is very simple, carbs are +/- 1 hour around workout. That’s it plus at breakfast.

For carbs always think about it as fuel. Work hard to earn your carbs and consider timing.

Again I see your 400g is very high even if you run, if we apply the math:

1 hour of running burns around 500 kcal if you run on high intensity
1 hour of brutal weight lifting with minimum rest between sets and high intensity (working above 75% of your 1RM) burns around 400 kcal

Total is 500 + 400 = 900 kcal
900 kcal = 225g of carbs!!!

I think you don’t even burn half of those calories as you are still new to training. so no need for that massive amount of carbs. We need carbs as fuel and for its insulin-related action.

What are your states? weight, height, age, etc. How long do you train? What is your BF%?


i was about to do kris gethins muscle builder for 12 weeks.
it gave me the macros .
i also thought the same that its too much.
however i work out from 8-9 9 30 n will have dinner by 10 so i should include carbs right ?
n i was thinkin to have low fat paneer wen i sleep is it a good choice ?


Yes you should include carb after your workout. No problem with it. Before sleep you can also have low fat / carb meal as you are only 2 hours away from your work out but Try not to consume too much carb and opt for complex carbs like oats. Add slow digestion protein for better muscle sparring while sleeping. A good bed snack meal can be oats with low fat cottage cheese and some blueberries.


shouldnt i consume high gi carb after workout ?


Yes, but not all hi GI are equal. Rice has high GI as well as sugar, but impact on your body is different. As I mentioned before you are not doing high intensity workout for extended periods that need immediate post-workout very simple carb like dextrose to kick insulin and replenish glycogen stores. Don’t over complicate the matter, eat well and balanced diet after your workout, a good post workout meal may consist of steamed rice, grilled chicken breast, garden salad and bowl of vegetables. Those are enough to do the replenish your glycogen, kick insulin and preserve muscle mass.

BTW what is your BF%?


mine must be 20% its alot


So 400g of carbs daily is totally a mess. Try 100g carb cure (https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/one-hundred-gram-carb-cure).