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Meal Plan: Criticism Appreciated!


I just started eating this way a few wks BEFORE I got pregnant! so this is what I was sticking to, i dont eat too much diff now just not really that strict if i feel like a burger i dont feel bad about it lol..please let me know ways to tweek to gain max results.

PS. I am due w/ baby#2 March 21st and although i ate "okay" i plan on being strict after baby to get back in shape quick and eliminate belly fat asap! (of course this will also be with working out regularly)

8 am-oatmeal or scrambled edd WHITES with glass milk and cup of fruit
930ish-apple or grapefruit as a snack
1130ish(thats my work lunch time)-1/2 of a 100cal bread(whole wheat) w just peanut butter, some tuna or turkey slices, and some sort of side 1 cup( some broccoli/caul/cel n carrots)
130ish-snack like a protein/and mixed berries shake or mixed berries n greek yougurt cup
6is- appetizer size plate of dinner could be some whole wheat pasta or fish and veggie side or may fave grilled chicken breast over some brown rice n broccoli

throughout the day i refill my water bottle as often as can drink water all day
also i took a womens daily multi vitamin

any suggestions to this that may be hurting me or subs that would be better..eating times better anything???


add in some "Good" fats.

What are your goals?


Can cut out the pasta thats a fairly calorie dense food. Other than that it seems like you arent eating a lot. Or are eating fairly healthy at least. How are portion sizes? Cut back a bit on portions. More veggies as well will help fill you up more.


To be honest, I would just drop the pastas, regardless of being "whole" or not. I still believe they spike blood sugar.

I would replace calories with "good" fats (EFA's, coconut oil, red palm oil, non-hydrogenated oils, nuts, eggs, etc),and proteins, stick with grapefruits and berries for fruits, Veggies all you want.

Majority of carbs after your workout for the day, so they are more readily used by your body and not converted to fat.


in high school i was in great shape and ate whatever i wanted..that was 3 yrs ago geez the diff!!

but even in shape, then i worked out just a little and had massive thighs n butt lol (cheerleader and vball)
in a good way, my in shape was very tone but in a "thick" way, dont kno how else to describe..

id like to get back a lil thigh n booty but in a more lean sense not so bulky..

at 5'3'' ave weight 120 id like to get back to that or maybe slightly less..

maingoal being to have a low bodyfat % and look a little leaner and quickly

right now im 31 wks prego and weighing at 145, so im gonna need to be strict if i dont want to be embarrased in a bikini by summer..

What are some "good fats"??
and as far as portions, i generally use the no bigger than my palm rule..


"good" fats (EFA's, coconut oil, red palm oil, non-hydrogenated oils, nuts, eggs, etc)

These are some examples...

Others would be, avocados, grass fed meats, grass fed butters, etc.