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Meal Help for a Friend


let's say you had a budget or 10-20$ a week and had 1 or two mealsprepred for you at home a day, what kinds of food would you recommend so far I have:

2$ peanut butter
3$ big oatmeal container
3$ loaf of grain bread

total: 16$

oatmeal will last a few weeks, so what else should be included?

protein poweder will work it's way into there somehow. We need calorie dense foods. My buddy is one skinny mofo. <120 pounds and we want to get him to 140 pounds

working up to 2500cals thentrying to get in 2800-3000 cals a day.


Eggs and olive oil would be good choices, but you also need a variety of fruits and vegetables.


so basically

grain bread
peanut butter
olive oil
mixed vegies

plus a protein powder eventually.


And mixed nuts-Almonds, Cashews, Brazil nuts, Peanuts.


Well my first choice would be protein foods with high fat content if possible. If I only have 20 dollars and I need to grow I'm sorry but broccoli and spinach are not on the list. Cheap meats(anything under 2/lb), eggs, store brand tuna, then white rice or possibly oats. Hell I got london broil on sale for 1.79 at Kmart a little bit ago, eggs areabout a 1.25 a dozen individually, rice is practically free with 10+ lb bags to be had for just a few dollars. 50 lbs for 13 dollars at Sams. I also would be a coupon fiend and talking to every butcher in my town to see if I could get a deal on meats.

Oh and if all else fails 20 double cheeseburgers from McDonalds haha.


good idea, he was supposed to lift with me, and bailed out.