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Meal Combos (Cy ?)

Is it really that bad to eat fat with carbs and protein. I find my energy levels more stable than eating P+C & P+F meals. What about eating fruit and protein and fat together. It seems to me fruit won’t raise blood sugar because it has to be converted through the liver, and the fiber content. Still JMB recommends not consuming fat and carbs together not even fruit. Cy what are your thoughts on this on?

Scott: Cy and J.B. are the experts, so all I’m giving is my take.

The name of the game with macronutrient combining, partitioning, percentages, etc. is to lose fat while maintaining (and ultimately gaining) lean body mass.

So I think that the issue is not one of being “good” or “bad” but “optimal” in pursuit of those goals.

Your energy levels are more “stable” simply because you’ve slowed absorption down by adding fat and/or fiber to your combos. If you’re trying to minimize fat gain, then follow his meal combo plans. If you happen to be one of those rare individuals with an extremely high metabolism/metabolic response to food, then you can get away with meals containing high amounts of all three macronutrients. I personally, have been consuming food in the way that John recommends for the past 4 years. Too bad I didn’t think to write an article on it. :slight_smile:

So, what I’m telling you is that unless you’re one of the aforementioned freaks, then you should follow JB’s diet as it’ll allow you to gain mass without excessive fat gain.

Mufasa is a wise man. That one word “optimal” is what we strive for and keep in mind when we give advice. Optimal may not be the easiest route but it’s obviously the most effective.

I believe part of the theory behind macronutrient combining also has to do with insulin being a double edged sword which while being anabolic, can also promote fat storage and since dietary fat is already in the triglyceride form ready to be stored if insulin is available, so it’s “safer” as far as fat storage goes, to not eat fats and carbs together as carbs promote insulin release and also raise blood glucose so that fats are less likely to be burned for energy and more likely to be stored. Following this, fats should be consumed when insulin is low and blood glucose is stable so that the body can then draw upon the dietary fats for energy rather than when eaten with carbs which will raise insulin and blood glucose resulting in a lesser chance of the body needing to utilize the dietary fats for energy and more likely then to use the power of insulin to store those fats in fat cells. Hope I didn’t make this sound more confusing than it is.

“Metabolic Freak” yay me. :slight_smile:

Cy and co., please correct me if I’m wrong on three points:

  1. meal timing–example: A steak can take 8 hours to digest, so if I eat one in the morning, I’m going to have fatty acids in the blood when I do P+C in the afternoon.

  2. there might be SOME hormonal benefits to consuming P,F and C together.

  3. Why not combine all 3 macros when
    (a) metabolism is highest for the day (after waking, late afternoon, 2 hours post-workout) and/or
    (b) glycogen stores are low (for better glucose tolerance)? Everybody has a pretty good metabolic rate then so as long as carbs are moderate GI, you should get good nutrient partitioning.

I understand JB’s argument and I believe it is a powerful variation to put the body through for a time, but I don’t think his logic is 100% solid.